Air Lines by Didier Wolff/Happy Design Studio

Didier Wolff/Happy Design Studio Portrays The Air Lines Aircraft Livery Design

Didier Wolff / HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO, the maker of the award winning design AIR LINES by Didier Wolff / HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO spells out, The whole design concept is born from a ceramic tile detail which equips the client’s aircraft interior luxurious <Cropped>

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Sidexis 4 User Interface Design-Dental X-Ray Software by Peggy Reuter-Heinrich

Peggy Reuter-Heinrich Designs The Sidexis 4 User Interface Design Dental X-Ray Software

Peggy Reuter-Heinrich, the thinktank behind the displayed work Dental X-Ray Software by Peggy Reuter-Heinrich explicates, Creating a user interface concept and design purely driven from the users’ point of view can be challenging and thrilling at <Cropped>

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Locksmithery-Residential Apartment by Tina Kammer

Tina Kammer Presents The Locksmithery Residential Apartment

Tina Kammer, the architect of the award winning project Residential Apartment:Locksmithery by Tina Kammer explicates, Located in the center of Stuttgart, Germany, the historic character and ruinous conditions of the existing locksmithery buildings we <Cropped>

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Interactive Lighting:click Light by Adi Azar and Yotam Shifroni-Studioknob

Adi Azar and Yotam Shifroni-Studioknob Demonstrates The Click Light Interactive Lighting

Adi Azar and Yotam Shifroni - StudioKnob, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Interactive Lighting by Adi Azar and Yotam Shifroni - StudioKnob illustrates, The Click Light introduces a unique element of personalization and interaction into t <Cropped>

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Armchair:xifix2base Arm-Chair-One by Juergen Josef Goetzmann

Juergen Josef Goetzmann Shares The Xifix2base Arm-Chair-One Armchair

Juergen Josef Goetzmann, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Award Winning xifix2base arm-chair-one armchair spells out, The armchair-design is based on the required minimum of physics and material - realized by one endless pipe. The stabil <Cropped>

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Office:hongxin by Xiaorui Zhou

Xiaorui Zhou Spotlights The Hongxin Office

Xiaorui Zhou, the creator of the award winning work HongXin by Xiaorui Zhou says, HongXin is office of cultural designed in a natural way,a delicate layout,a concise,harmonious and deep set.In the modern and natural tone,the designer uses pure the si <Cropped>

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Award Winning Birds & Eggs Toy Kit

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Birds & Eggs Toy Kit

The author of the award winning work Birds & Eggs by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Birds&Eggs creative toy set allow children to create various birds with gathering different stylized body pieces. Designed for children above the age of 5, i <Cropped>

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Tomomi Nakamura's Rihei Ginger Japanese Craft Shochu

Tomomi Nakamura Reveals The Rihei Ginger Japanese Craft Shochu

Tomomi Nakamura, the creative mind behind the displayed project RIHEI GINGER by Tomomi Nakamura points out, Under the concept of Japanese traditional aesthetic sense, “Wabi-Sabi” , sophisticated clear bottle was cut out its elements to the utmost <Cropped>

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Office Building by Kathy Chien

Kathy Chien Shares The Deloitte Taiwan Office Building

Kathy Chien, the lead designer of the highlighted design Office Building by Kathy Chien points out, This project is a large commercial office building with 8 floors and nearly 23100 square meters. The small green dot at the end of brand logo "De <Cropped>

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Monet Garden by Connie Lam

Connie Lam Illustrates The Monet Garden Bib Necklace

Connie Lam, the lead designer of the award winning design Bib Necklace by Connie Lam demonstrates, Monet Garden is inspired by Monet's paintings of Water Lilies. It took the designer 18 months to collect over 700 jadeite, tanzanite, tourmaline, <Cropped>

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